Currently, the biggest item on top of any CEO’s to-do list is creating, shaping and transforming their organization’s culture to be more responsive to change.  CEO’s and organizational leaders talk about the values of integrity, trust, empowerment, leader development and learning as essential within the new environment of VUCA Management.  Tonight’s guest speakers, Dr. Jodi Wilson, Ms. Britta Eremit and Prof. Mark Reeson will guide you through the hazards of this ever-changing environment. The audience will understand how to prepare and manage the VUCA environment individually and organizationally through emotional intelligence and change management.

Your speakers will demonstrate how business professionals reinforce these values, through personal experience, ensuring a cascade throughout the organization. In the changing world that we now live and work, disruption is as great as we have ever seen, meaning we are all seeing aspects of VUCA. By delivering change through organizational development with effective leadership, it will help you shape and reinforce your future business culture.

Jodi B. Wilson PhD, CICM, Through Ms. Wilson’s career she has acquired both academic knowledge and applied experience relating to cognitive biases, talent management (and development), coaching and consulting in the areas of performance, leadership and team building. Ms. Wilson has a PhD in Business Psychology and has completed additional training in Change Management, Neuro-linguistic Programming- Master Practitioner, Appreciative Coaching, Abrasive Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and the Pearman Personality Indicator. Ms. Wilson has both an academic and organizational development career to promote growth of employees through training and assessments. She also has experience in analyzing results, performing statistical evaluations, and compiling recommendations for the benefit of both the individual and the organization. With 20 years of experience tapping into unseen strengths and developing strategies to optimize organizational talent and leadership, Jodi Wilson, PhD, uses behavioral science to transform organizations. Ms. Wilson is a behavioral scientist, instructor, coach, and presenter. She holds a PhD in Business Psychology and specializes in serving individuals and organizations. Her clients range from small family owned businesses to International Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, Ms. Wilson is an adjunct instructor for three colleges where she engages students in learning about Positive Psychology, Human Relations, Statistics and General Psychology. She is known for her use of critical thinking and creative assignments as a means to developing a deeper understanding of the field of Psychology.

Mark Reeson is a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) who specializes within the worlds of a project management learning consultant and the project and programme delivery side of the industry. No matter what role he performs, is first aim is always to fulfil the need of the client and to ensure project success FOR ALL. In addition to his primary roles, he is also a driver for smart change within the world of sustainability, working to change the approach of organisations ranging from schools leavers to the United Nations to make a real difference towards a better tomorrow. “Working on the concept that learning only starts in the classroom and that by introducing learning through experience and action, the approach that our small business has taken has led to great success globally but we still strive to go further.” With the creation and development of his personal sustainability and efficiency brand, the SMART family of products are now being introduced in numerous countries across six continents. With his  focus around a FOR ALL brand, this has helped with the development of schools, the enhancement of urban planning and most recently with solution development around the issues for homelessness. Mark has been in the Project Management industry since 1984, having served in the Royal Air Force for twenty-four years, before delivering projects in the nuclear, public and private sector and the international sporting arena.  As one of the first individuals to ever be presented the ChPP designation, he has recognized for his work in the Middle East, developing a new approach to Urban Development Planning. A published author in national and international project publications, Mark has been recognized as an industry thought leader in his profession by his seniors and peers alike.

Britta Eremit – CICM SSCC SSC EBC  is a Consultant & Executive Trainer, Author, Speaker & Coach specialized in „Change Management & Unlocking Strengths Potential“. She accompanies Organizations & People in workshops, trainings and coaching through times of CHANGE. Britta has been used, for example, for the successful realization of a CHANGE Training Program to harmonize the technical aspects of the change versus the challenges to the people and the balance between them. Additionally she has successfully designed and implemented a new Management & Leadership Apprenticeship Program to meet the future requirements of Organizational Management & Leadership Development based on the MEGA Trends 2018-2030. Britta has been involved since 2013 within the area of Change Management & Leadership Development, having started her career in the International Banking & Real Estate industry before working and delivering concepts and training in the field of Corporate Culture Development, Leadership of the 21st Century, CHANGE Readiness / Resistance & Transformation Management, Gallup Strengths Training & Workshops & Assessments, Effective Communication & Conflict Management, Career Planning and Management of TOXIC Behavior Styles & Trigger. Britta is certified as AAPM Approved Training provider, CICM-Certified International Change Manager, USA; SSCC-Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, USA; EBC-European Business Coach, Germany;SSC-SYNK Strengths Coach, Germany – based on worldwide leading approaches as the strengths concept of the Gallup Institute, N.Y./USA, the Interdependence Concept of People Acuity and Stephen R. Covey, USA for organizational & people development as well as research studies and science referring to intercultural challenges “Cultures & Organizations”, working in international environments etc. She regularly publishes articles in the PM World Journal and wrote and published her first book via Springer Publishing Company in 2016 with the title “Personal Development – Growing by Transformation”.