“Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.”

Jeff Bezos


We comprise entrepreneurial spirit with experience and motivation. You have an idea, already a business plan or a ready to launch startup, we will help you develop, accelerate and launch your own business. Together with experienced founders, accelerators, coworking spaces, we will provide you with a vast network, opportunities and a vast mentoring program.

Venture Capital

The best way to learn is by doing it yourself. Get to know the venture capital world from the insight perspective of a fund manager. Build your own network through office visits, workshops and (Ad)venture trips. Valuate startups, assess business models, advise entrepreneurs to identify key success factors. Maybe you find a future unicorn?


There is nothing running without a proper organizational setup. Managing the initiatives budget, overseeing our vast network, being in close contact with FS staff and heading our social media appearance. However, independently organizing talks, discussions and site visits open for the whole FS community and public.

Frankfurt School Ventures is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurial way of thinking among the students of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Our aim is to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and connect them with the global business community. In addition, we are also the stepping stone for embarking on a career in Venture Capital by sharing valuable insights and key contacts. Previously known as “FS LightUp”, we have enhanced our scope from entrepreneurship to covering the whole start-up ecosystem.

Tom Richter

Tom Richter

Chairman and Founder

Tom founded the FS Venture Club in 2018 and after co-heading FSLightup he took over the student initiative with Niklas in 2017. He is a Bachelors Student with focus on Banking and Finance. Besides founding his own startup he has worked in the Venture Capital Fund investments of Germanys state owned bank and acts as ambassador for the First Momentum VC Fund.

Niklas Schäfer

Niklas Schäfer

Chairman and Founder

Niklas founded FS Ventures in 2018 after co-heading FS LightUp since August 2017. Currently, he is doing his Bachelor's degree with focus on Banking and Finance. Besides his high interest in the field of Venture Capital, he has worked in the Digital Office of KfW for 4 months and gained valuable insights concerning new digital technologies and agile methods.



Department Head

We are always looking for dedicated students from all semesters to join our initiative.
If you want to join just send us your CV and tell us what you want to shape at FS Ventures.

Current vacancies:
Head Entrepreneurship Department
Head Venture Capital Department
Head Management Department

Coming up: Project Management Guest Lecture

Upcoming Events

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21.02.2019 / 20:15 room S1.04

We welcome entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, venture pioneers and everyone who is interested. We will present our new structure, the initiatives future and the role you could play.Thus, we will be recruiting several positions. More information will be presented during the event. Right after the kickoff you will be able to apply for the vacancies via mail.

Project Management Guest Lecture

Project Management Guest Lecture

06.03.2019 / 20:15 Room S0.02

Our guest speakers, Dr. Jodi Wilson, Ms. Britta Eremit and Prof. Mark Reeson will guide you through the hazards of an ever-changing environment. The audience will understand how to prepare and manage the VUCA environment individually and organizationally through emotional intelligence and change management.

Startup Night

Startup Night

13.03.2019 / 18:00

FS and FS Venture invite students, alumni and guests with an interest in entrepreneurship to join startups and accelerators for the third Startup Night. The mix of panel discussion, career fair and networking event provides ample opportunity to learn more about new ways of funding as well as internships and job entry positions within participating startups.

Carl Finance Keynote

14.03.2019 / 16:45 room tbd

M&A Workshop

28.03.2019 / 16:45 room tbd

Past Events

Christian Lindner

„Start-ups are yeast for the economy“ He shared insights of his personal entrepreneurial career and put a political spotlight on start-ups in Germany.

Corinna Haas

She talked about differences in recruiting in IB and start-ups. Corinna was a recruiter at J.P. Morgan for 10 years and now advises Startups.